Musician, Composer, Teacher

"foot- tapping mix of hard-bop impro and rock"

                                     -Jazz Journal UK

*New Album, "IDLE MINDS" (2021)

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1/8 - Caffe Vivace (Eric Wurzelbacher Quartet)
2/26 - Revel OTR (Eric Wurzelbacher Trio)
3/13 - Caffe Vivace (EWQ)
3/14- Nostalgia Wine Bar
3/19 - Ghost Baby (Duo w/ Ryan Jones)
3/27 - Caffe Vivace (Duo w/ Ryan Jones)
4/10- Ghost Baby (EWT)
4/30 - Revel OTR with Brett Bentley LIVE painting (EWT)
5/7 - Caffe Vivace (EWQ)
5/28 - Woodburn Taproom (east walnut hills) (EWT)
6/11- Nostalgia Bar
6/26 - Bootsy Collins Foundation Festival (EWQ)

7/2 - Revel OTR (EWT)
8/20 - Caffe Vivace (EWQ)
8/27 - Revel OTR Urban Winery (EWT)
9/10 - William Frances Theatre (EWQ)
9/17 - Rudy's Jazz Club- Nashville, TN (EWT)
9/18 - Brett Bentley's Temple Build - Richmond, KY (EWT)
9/24 - Revel OTR Urban Winery (EWT)
10/29 - Revel OTR Urban Winery (EWT)
11/26 - Revel OTR Urban Winery (EWT)
12/17 - Revel OTR Urban Winery (EWT)

Eric Wurzelbacher is a Cincinnati based saxophonist with a wide span of musical interests, mainly focused on hard bop and rock. Eric's compositions are influenced by these two genres in order to create songs with intense, concise melodies while still remaining highly improvised and interactive.

Eric is also passionate about teaching; please inquire if you are interested in private lessons on saxophone, clarinet, or flute.