Musician, Composer, Teacher

"foot- tapping mix of hard-bop impro and rock"

                                     -Jazz Journal UK

“If you’re a jazz fan and looking for something that straddles the line between old school and new school, definitely check out Idle Minds."
                                                                          - Big Takeover
"Wurzelbacher’s unforgettable melodic explorations on the saxophone make the track.”                         - It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

*New Album, "IDLE MINDS" (2021)*
Now available!



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12/17 - Revel OTR Urban Winery (EWT) Official Album Release party for "IDLE MINDS"

1/13 - Schwartz's Point with Brandon Coleman
1/14 - Nostalgia Wine Bar
 - Caffe Vivace (Eric Wurzelbacher Quartet)
1/21 - Ghost Baby opening set with Ryan Jones (630pm)
1/21 - Ghost Baby headliner set with "All the Things" (8pm)

2/4 - Schwartz's Point (Eric Wurzelbacher Quartet)
2/12 - Cincinnati Winter Blues Fest w/ Noah Wotherspoon
2/18 - Nostalgia Wine Bar
3/5- Caffe Vivace (Eric Wurzelbacher Quartet)
3/25 - Revel Music Series feat. Mad Dog (Revel Urban Winery)
3/23 - Farm League Big Band (Caffe Vivace)
4/14 - Silvana (NYC)
4/15 - Shrine World Music Venue (NYC)
4/22 - Revel Music Series #2 feat. Noah Wotherspoon (Revel Urban Winery)
4/27 - Farm League Big Band (Caffe Vivace)
5/6 - Nostalgia Wine Bar
5/7 - Caffe Vivace w/ Maddog
5/25 - Farm League Big Band (Caffe Vivace)
5/27 - Revel Music Series #3 w/ Brandon Coleman
6/22 - Farm League Big Band (Caffe Vivace)
6/24 - Revel Music Series #4 feat. Ryan Jones
8/5 - Ludlow Music Festival (Eric Wurzelbacher Trio)
8/24 - Farm League Big Band (Caffe Vivace)
8/26 - Revel Music Series #5 feat. Josh Kline
9/28 - Farm League Big Band (Caffe Vivace)
9/30 - Revel Music Series #6 feat. (TBA)
11/25 - Revel Music Series #7 feat. (TBA)
12/16 - Revel Music Series #8 feat. (TBA)

Rooted in Cincinnati, OH, Eric Wurzelbacher is an unexpected musician out of the midwest. Described by the Jazz Journal UK as a “foot- tapping mix of hard-bop impro and rock”, Eric has worked tirelessly for years to authentically combine the conciseness of rock and the freedom of jazz.

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